Thursday, 9 July 2009


At the commissary today (yes, again!) we took our normal bathroom break. The big girls went in first, then I went in with Ella to check her diaper. There was a woman there , waiting for her son to come out of the stall. He looked about 8, and she was hovering, even turned on the tap for him (using a paper towel so as not to get any cooties). As she did so, she told him with complete disdain and amazement, "Those 2 girls that were in here didn't wash their hands!" Boy, I wanted to let her know what was what. Maybe those two girls didn't pee on their hands. Maybe it's none of her business. Maybe she needs to let go just a bit and send her son to the boys' room. As I went into the stall he'd come out of (it was the bigger of the two, and I had Ella with me) I noticed that "that boy" had peed on the seat, and put a paper towel in the toilet, AND hadn't flushed it! Did I make a speech to Ella about the delinquency of some people? No, I didn't. Oy. We aren't germ freaks, what can I say?

Then there was a lady with a newborn. Baby was strapped in its car seat, which is handy and I do that. But, baby cried the whole time we were in the store. Mother (I assume it was a mother and not a sitter, taking baby to the store) didn't speak to the baby, didn't touch it, didn't try to do anything for it. It was like a nurse in the newborn nursery ward. I nearly cried myself after a time, inwardly begging the woman to take the baby out of the seat; at least hold it in one arm and continue shopping, at best go sit down for a minute and feed it and check its diaper. But she just calmly and slowly kept on shopping. So sad. Sad because I've done it myself in the past. Nowadays, if it starts in the checkout line, the baby will have to deal for a minute, but if it's not even half-way down my list I will stop and take a break and get things fixed if possible.

But enough of the rant.
We went to the dump this morning, taking a broken bicycle, tricycle, chair, and coffee pot.
Then we went to the BXtra on Mildenhall, where I got a curtain rod for the upstairs bathroom, some Hobnobs, caulk to fill the ant hole outside our house, a new doll for the girls (still on half price), and a Tonka crane/flatbed truck for the boys. The truck wasn't on the list, but I saw the red price tag and looked closer - regular price $24, now on sale for $6. Even though it's not all steel like the old Tonkas, it still seemed like a good deal.
Then we went to the hospital to have Cedwryck and Ella get a finger prick for iron count. William doesn't like doctors, and started crying as I pulled into the parking lot. We had to wait just a few minutes, but not long. Everyone was friendly.
Then we had lunch at Burger King. About halfway through, my phone rang. One of Bob's spies had spied me there, and Bob wanted me to bring him some lunch. I cannot go anywhere on base without someone from Bob's work seeing me and telling him about it. I guess I'll just have to accept that I'm fascinating. :-P
So I got Bob a burger and took it up to him.
Then I went to the bank to get cash for tyres, tithes, and the trip.
THEN we went to the commissary.
All this and home by 1pm, so no excuses for not fixing a nice dinner. We're having chicken pot pie tonight.

Ah, the tyres. (Yes, I'm spelling it that way on purpose; it's British.) We want new tyres for the minibus. I called up the place on base, and was told they'd run about $200 each, plus for balancing, disposal, and warranty. So I looked online. Found one place for about 60BGP each. Then I found a mobile place that had them for about 60GBP, minus 15GBP when you get a full set, and that includes them bringing the tyres to my home and putting them on, all inclusive of weights, balancing, disposal, etc. So guess where we ordered from? I'll pay cash when the job is done, so no worries about scams. They'll come out Monday.

Okay, enough drivel for now. :-)


Ganeida said...

Tyres looks right to me. :P I dunno. These Americans & their funny spellings.

Hey, you should rant more often. That was really interesting. I got quite caught up in your moment. ☺ Some people! Nothing you can do about 'em.

kimba said...

If your going to compare prices could you please stick to GBP OR USD. I couldn't work it out if you saved money or not. Yes I know I could google it but i'm lazy.

MamaOlive said...

I beg your pardon. 60GBP is about $95-100. So we saved a little by going off base, and gained convenience, but lost the chance to buy road hazard insurance.

Wil said...

* Loved the rant.
* Don't care how you spell things as long as we can read them. :-)
* At least you didn't compare pounds to inches.