Friday, 6 February 2009


No, I'm not; but I got a few things done.
This morning I made chili for Sunday and rearranged the dining room so we can use the back door. Then I got a bright idea and asked Bob to come home so we could take him back to work and use the van. I was thinking we'd do some errands, go to the bowling, finish up errands, and maybe get something for dinner.
First stop, housing office. According to the list I had from them, I had all the signatures needed for putting up a fence. So I showed up; they took a look and said I still needed one more signature. After 30 minutes or so of waiting, that is. So I got directions to the other office, went over there and got the guy to sign the paper, and went back to the housing office to have them file the paperwork. At least we get to skip the pre-inspection, because Bob already talked to the inspector when he got the keys to the house. We still have to do a post-inspection, to get them to see that we really did put up a fence.

By the time I was done in there (the first time) it was time for bowling to start, so I decided to skip it. I'm glad I hadn't got the children worked up about going. I also went to the self-help store for more wall hooks (the houses are made out of cement blocks, so you can't just stick a nail or a tack in the wall - but they give away the special hooks), paint for the kitchen shelves and trash can (we got a new, bigger can, and it has to have our house number painted on it), and a door mat. I thought about getting compost and potting soil, but couldn't because the back of the van was full of moving boxes.

So then I went to the recycle center to drop off the boxes. Except they were closed for the moment in order to empty the bins. So I came back home.

Got home about 2:30, put the babies to nap and tried to get dinner started. I'd just about got a recipe picked out when Bob called and said he was ready to be picked up. So I woke the babies up and we all put our coats and shoes back on, and we went to get him. Since I hadn't cooked, we ate at Taco Bell. We also filled up with gas, which is now $2.11 per gallon. WooHoo!

Other good news: with a little bullying, I got the landlord to come down on our repairs from 2215GBP to 800GBP. I also noticed (last night when I went out for groceries) that some prices are coming down. Bananas are down to $0.69 a pound; brown and powdered sugars are $0.64 a pound instead of $0.72 that they were; apples were lower, and I got a few things on sale (like King size butterfinger ice cream bars for $0.09 each).

And I need to change a diaper. :-)

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The HoJo's said...

yay you beat the landlord, there should be classes in that :o) well done you