Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Ruth birth story

I can't believe I've waited this long to write this. She's 2 months and a week old, and I've forgotten the details already!

In the weeks preceding Ruth's birth, my blood pressure was up and down - mostly up. So at my 38 week check-up my doctor and I decided to induce labor.

Bob and I took the family to church Wednesday night, came home and tucked them into bed, and once Daniel was asleep, headed to the hospital. I checked in at 11:30, and though they expected me earlier, my room wasn't quite ready. Since I'd tested positive for Group B Strep, they wanted me to have a full course of antibiotics before starting the pitocin. So they hooked up the IV, on my right wrist (I should have spoken up, but didn't - my left arm works better, and I hate it on my wrist), and started the drip. I was also given a sleeping pill that almost helped. Bob spread a sheet on the couch and pretended to sleep.

Four hours later they put on the second bag of antibiotics and started pitocin. Nothing exciting happened for a couple of hours, and then the Doc came in and broke my water. There was an immediate change, but she left right away and I *knew* one simply doesn't go from 4-10 in 20 minutes, so asked for pain meds. They gave me a shot of something and I settled in to relax with it and wait. Except, it made not an iota of difference in my pain level. I called for something different, and after the nurse called the doctor she reported that I had to wait an hour. 

At the end of the hour I knew my time was about up, but really wanted a quiet minute to relax before delivery. I felt the tension in my body and knew I wasn't open mentally, even if I was physically. The nurse wanted to check me before she'd give me anything, but I didn't want to be bothered. I argued and pleaded with her, and she just kept badgering me about getting "checked." She had to know where I was before giving meds - I told her I was 9.5. She said meds before delivery make baby sleepy. Well, newborns tend to sleep anyway, so I said "I don't care!" After a good 20 minutes of back and forth she finally got the doctor back in (doc works a family practice in a clinic adjoining the hospital).

I had a clear moment and explained that I knew I was close, but couldn't relax and open up. She then explained that baby has difficulty breathing if born on meds, so HAD to verify my status - crossed her arms and said "there's nothing I can do." Of course I was ready, so she got all business-like and said, "Let's have a baby!" She informed me that my pain was on account of Ruth pressing against my pelvis, and the only way to get relief was to get her out.

I was laying on my right side, and amidst my cries and groans the doc and nurses (half-dozen at least, seemed like) pestered me with questions, and finally decided I could deliver on my side. (I did with Elijah, after all.) So they supported me and I gave a push, but it just didn't feel right. So I said, "I need to move" and rolled over. Then the pestering again about did I want the stirrups or not, so I went ahead and pushed her out. They all oohed about how pretty she was, but I had my eyes closed (crying). Finally got a peek as Ruth was laid on my stomach, but the cord was pulled tight and caused some irritation. I tried to let the doc know so she could pull up some slack, but she apologized and did nothing. Bob got some pictures, and cut the cord while I was (partially) cleaned up. Doc said I could have more meds now, to which I laughed. Adrenaline finally kicked in and I felt no pain, but they said it would make me happy or sleepy, so they gave me some anyway (I agreed to it. I must say, looking back, that they were careful throughout to keep my wishes in mind and to not do anything without asking first). I never felt the effects of the second dose, either.
After the excitement slowed down I started begging to have the IV removed, but they had to wait for this and then that, and wanted me to keep it 24 hours, but I did finally get it taken out that afternoon. The nurses were kind and considerate during my stay, coming in together to check on us so interruptions were minimum, and only taking Ruth for a couple of minutes when necessary, explaining why and for how long. But I didn't rest well for all that, the bed being uncomfortable, Ruth awake, and my mind unsettled. I kept calling her Daniel! So, while I wanted to stay longer when Daniel was born, I was ready to go home by morning this time. There was the usual delay about getting the paperwork and the wheelchair, etc, but we were finally on our way. We stopped on the way home to buy stuff for Riah's upcoming birthday.

When I wrote this on my computer (duh! - I mean in Word, not online), I had a nice, mushy, introspective closing paragraph. But since that's not my style, I won't include it here. :P 

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I'm glad you finally got around to posting this. At least now it won't bug you that you didn't. :-)