Sunday, 26 January 2014

all about Daniel

Because we haven't done anything with the bathroom lately.
And because he's so CUTE and growing up and changing every day.

Daniel is 18 months old today. He says several words now without prompting. First (of course) is Mama. Now this has the usual meaning of maternal parent, but it also can mean "I want". He will gesture at his desired object and say "mama." Or perhaps he will show his displeasure at being made to do something (strap into car seat, etc) by yelling "mama."

Having discovered that I don't always answer just because he says my name, he has taught himself to say "ow!" when he really wants something. (And sometimes, if he is hurt.)

He says "ew!" whenever I check his diaper, if it is wet or not, and at other gross things.

"Riah!" - usually said in an angry voice, but also when he wants to call any of the older children. He tries to say some of the other names, but he has Riah down pat.

"Up-uh" when he wants up.

"At" for cat and hat.

"Ball" for balls or balloons.

"woofwoof" for dog or other miscellaneous animals.  Other animals he growls at (he growls at my snowmen!).

"Mena" for banana, and applied to other fruits as well. How does a baby know that a pear is more like a banana than a cracker?

"mo-ee" for more. eeee-eeee for drink, usually accompanied by the sign.

"Dop!" for stop, when someone offends him in some way.

"unh-uh" for no.

"huh?" when I call him.

"Baby" when he sees another baby, but usually he also points at himself.

"uh-oh" when anything falls.

"sigh" for outside.

"Eye" for eye, nose, light, and fan.

"EE-o" for ear. He also likes to find Q-tips or hair pins and clean out his ears. We try to discourage this habit.

Daniel has curious tastes. He likes candy and cookies, as do the rest of us, white bread/rolls/crackers, peanut butter, fruit, and coffee. He doesn't eat meat, which isn't really weird at his age, except for the fact that meat/eggs was his first food. He's still nursing at least twice a day. We're past ready for him to be weaned, so we try to distract him whenever he starts to beg, but sometimes there's just nothing else that will do.

He doesn't play with toys much - prefers the canned goods or pots in the kitchen - but can stack 6 or more blocks. He likes to read books, though he still sometimes tries to use them as a diversion (by dropping a book, so we'll stoop to pick it up and he can get away, or by handing it to us so we will look at it and he will get into something).

He likes to watch short videos and some computer games, but isn't interested in the Nintendo. At night he frequently goes to sleep on Bob's lap. He usually sleeps all night now, but not always.

Daniel likes to have his hair combed. He once spent 15 minutes bringing a comb to Bob, who fixed his hair, then he'd ruffle it up and come back for more combing.

He still climbs on the table, and enjoys being on the top bunks. He likes to look at running water, but doesn't like showers. Scared of the vacuum and power tools, but is fascinated by them (wants to be held where he can just see what's going on).

He's very good at watching people do things and then imitating the movement. He can open doors, screw lids, flip caps, and baby-locked cabinets. He likes to eat chapstick and lotion. He "snaps" his fingers at people to get their attention, puts on Bob's reading glasses, uses a screwdriver, and tries to open candy wrappers.

He hasn't been weighed and measured lately, but is getting thinner and taller.

Daniel can just reach the water dispenser on our Berkey, and sometimes he gets himself a drink by letting water drip out onto the floor, then lying down and licking the water off the floor.

Anyway, I know I've missed some stuff, but that's all for now.


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading about Daniel. mums

MamaOlive said...

Thanks, Mom. I did edit with 3 more items.

Anonymous said...

Oh my word about licking water off the floor!

Wil said...

Thanks for the catchup!