Friday, 20 September 2013

Some sayings of the little boys

This week:
Elijah, while I was giving him a shower: Don't do this to me!  It's a dumb idea!!
Daniel, while playing on the lawn mower, stuck the key in the ignition and said," brmmmm."
Daniel rushes into the boys' room after they were in bed and yells "roar!"

Elijah: there's nothing to DO in bed.
Bob: Yeah, sleep!
Elijah: That's BORing!!

July 15:
In which Elijah confesses his utter dependence on talking:

Bob says: Be quiet!
Elijah: If I'm quiet I can't breathe, and that's the problem.


Anonymous said...

My morning laugh. :)

Wil said...

I had a good laugh over this too. :-)

Unknown said...

OOh. Smart kids! This will only get better. :)