Wednesday, 18 September 2013

been thinkin

I might oughtta blog now and then.

Daniel is such a hoot! His hair might look blond sometimes, but he definitely has a red-head personality. He is very smart and creative - a real problem-solver. He likes to play with Bob's computer mouse (wireless), so he'll get a book and take it to Bob as if he wants to read. Bob will take the book and open it up, and Daniel will use that moment of distraction to grab the mouse and run away.

He likes to stick his hands into holes. He will figure out steps to take to accomplish his goals. He's learned two ways to open things - pulling off a cap, like for a marker or chapstick, and using his teeth to open flip caps, like my tube of lotion, which he likes to lick.

He's starting to talk, and will say "hi" out of the blue. When I say "I love you" he gives me a hug. In fact, he hugs me a lot, because I'm his favorite person ever, and he's been super clingy ever since the teacher training I went to in July, and will push others away from me. He's also learned to punch, and to shoot with a pretend gun (complete with sound effects). :( He points and says "look!" or gasps as if in astonishment, especially at lights. He stacked 2 blocks a week or so ago. He will deliberately make a mess so I will clean it up and he has a chance to get into something else. But he has learned what "no" means (and protests its usage).


Anonymous said...

Love his red curls. :) It's fun to watch a child's personality develop. Enjoy him -- even the messes! mums

Wil said...

Cute notes on Daniel.

Wil said...

By the way, most of the time, I can't read the characters for the "prove you're not a robot" part of the commenting process. I usually have to refresh the images multiple times to get it to work.

Wil said...


I see you've turned off the code thing. Thanks! But if it causes too much spam for you, feel free to turn it back on... I'm always able to post comments, even if it takes a couple of tries. :-)

(And I saw that you posted a blog entry to tell me that, and then -- apparently removed the entry... It showed up in my feed reader program. :-)

MamaOlive said...

Yeah, that post got an immediate spam comment, so I thought it might be better if I didn't announce the change.
I don't like the word verification things, and thought I'd already turned it off for the blog.
We'll see how it goes.