Tuesday, 5 March 2013


It was definitely a Monday around here.

My time wasn't bad, but Bob had a day of it. He had an assignment due, so had to take pictures, format, and prepare for posting at school. Only afterwards to find that he was supposed to include information that he hadn't recorded.
Then he posted a comment in the wrong place. Twice. No edit or delete.
The light in the living room is flickering, so Taryn went to plug in a lamp so we could turn off the overhead light, but she unplugged the computer as he was working.
The new fan timer for the bathroom exhaust fan trips the breaker every time it's turned on (the old one started turning itself on in the middle of the night).
We finally got the children to bed, then Ella came in saying she thought she was sick. Daniel was just going to sleep on my lap, so I sent her to Bob. Before he could properly question her she threw up on him.
I put Daniel to bed and cleaned up the chair and floor while he took a shower.
Then Daniel woke up and William came in feeling sick. At least he made it to the toilet.

I've got a vacation post in the works, but thought you'd like to share in today's trials first.


Anonymous said...

Oh my...what can I say... I would be tempted to go to bed and cover up my head. :(

Hope it's better tomorrow. mums

Wil said...

We have days like that with only ONE child. I can't imagine it with multiples... :-)

If it helps any, Rebecca's nose cleared up a couple of days after you left here.