Friday, 7 December 2012

still here

but mostly brain dead. Daniel is still working those teeth. Tuesday night was the worst, not average, but still ... I was in bed for 9 hours, and was awakened 5 times during that stretch.

I wanted to do a detailed post called "Why I don't like Apple" about how we got pictures onto the iPad, but I don't remember the details any more. Something about iTunes being Bob's default even though it says it isn't and he tells it not to, and discovering the iCloud, and going to set up the cloud on his PC where it said he already had an account, but had to change the password, and then still didn't work because you have to set it up on the iPad first, but it wasn't on the iPad even though Apple website says it is, and finding out we had to upgrade something first, which Apple says automatically upgrades, and then realizing we had to upgrade the OS before it would upgrade itself, and then losing all our apps, and then finally activating the cloud only to find out its only option is to automatically sync ALL the pictures and music every time it's turned on (and Bob has thousands of pics and songs on his PC), and then finding out we have to use iTunes anyway, and it only works if the iPad is plugged in, and then when we selected pictures it tried to do all the music, too! Still haven't got the cloud to work, but have been able to get two photo albums onto the iPad to show people who don't have a home computer.

Don't remember the other posts I've thought of doing.

Why doesn't anybody sell red Christmas lights? All the local stores are out. Finally found some on Amazon, and some organic popcorn. Which is also important because I learned how to make caramel popcorn that is fantastic. Thanks to a free Kindle book of popcorn recipes.

Went to a civil war reenactment that was fun, and I took some snapshots. But it's bedtime so I won't try to upload any now. gotcha! Maybe soon.



Anonymous said...

Your i pad woes sounds like government run-around to me. Gotta love technology!

No red Christmas lights for sale? Maybe that's why the city of Seminole put blue ones on the oil derrick in the park! lol


Wil said...

I noticed a lot of blue-only lights this year; and many pink-only decorations. Very odd.

As for the Apple stuff, it MUST be your fault. All my 'Mackie' friends say one of the reasons to buy Apple products is because they "just work" and there are (and I quote) "never" any problems. ;-)

In all seriousness, I think what many people don't realize with devices like the iPad and other tablets is that they're still in their infancy. You're an "early adopter" and didn't even know it.

In the old days, they'd only sell a few thousand devices until some of the bugs were worked out, until the costs came down, and until the device had a full feature set. Marketers have overcome that obstacle by convincing people that they're buying the finished product.

MamaOlive said...

Wil, you're right about jumping in too soon. Part of our problem was that we had a severely dated OS that didn't even have the update option. The reason that was a problem was that Apple's website just said it was automatic. I only found what to do by searching the web and finding some techie discussion boards.
But yeah, it's "easy." I think that reputation came out back when PC meant DOS (at best), and somehow has managed to stick.