Monday, 17 December 2012

on a roll

I feel like I tend to look at things differently than "normal" people do... Why not embrace the weird?

We've all heard the slogan, "Keep Christ in Christmas." Now, I'm not an idiot; I understand what people are trying to say (retain the religious significance of the holiday), and without going into history and true religion and all that (because I enjoy Christmas as much as anybody)...

The other day when I saw that for the hundredth time, the thought popped into my head, "Why not let Him out?" First, just as a funny - kinda like saying "Keep the Dog in the Crate!"

But then I got to thinking about it, and it does seem that many people really do want to keep Christ in Christmas. If they can go to church that once per year, sing a few moderately religious songs and feel vaguely sentimental or proud, then Jesus has served His purpose. I actually knew a woman who would say "Thank you, Baby Jesus" when something went her way. Babies are cute and safe, and it's a neat story about the shepherds and the wise men... Just don't go into all that "Lordship" business; keep Him in Christmas; that's where we like Him.


Unknown said...

lol Too true. I am so over Christmas. We are not celebrating but I am trying to keep my mouth shut so others can enjoy without me ranting. ☺

Wil said...

I think the "war on Christmas" is the invention of a few paranoid Christians, but is now it's commonly accepted as real...

In our lifetimes, Christmas has grown (in number of days, for example, and in the amount of time/effort expended toward it).

Though we've seen increases in the number of "holiday" greeting cards, there's been no decrease in the number of Christ-oriented stuff either. There's just too much money being made from it; no company's going to get rid of the Christ part of Christmas.

But I get what you're saying; for some it's easier just to think of their religion at one time of year. I can't think of any religion in which that's okay. :-/

MamaOlive said...

Ah, Ganeida, I already sent your card - hope you don't mind. :-)

Wil, That's a good point about the retail aspect of Christmas getting bigger rather than the religious side getting smaller.
I think people have such a short attention span that we really think the "religious right" movement was the norm for life up until then... Christmas has nearly always been a secular holiday... But I didn't want to get into that. :)

Glad you both were able to see what I meant. Some days I wonder.