Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Great minds...

Just checked Wil's Flickr and saw that he'd done his old apartment in PS. A few days ago I made up an economical dream house in 3D Architect. And then learned how to take and save a screen shot.  SO here ya go.


Wil said...

I'd also done my "dream house" a couple of weeks ago:

(Drawn in 2001).

Two suggestions for your plan:

1) Reverse the master bath (flip it left-to-right) so its wet-wall will match up with the other bathroom's wet-wall. I think it would make construction and repairs easier/cheaper.

2) Or... Switch the pantry with bathroom 2... Advantages: kids' bathroom is closer to kids' bedrooms, and pantry is still next to kitchen (though might need an adjustment to the corner for a door to fit). Disadvantage: bathroom is now next to the kitchen, which many people don't like.

MamaOlive said...

True, #1. The point being to have all the plumbing together. May have to move the door a little, though. Also *could* move the kitchen sink to that wall, but that would just feel weird. Gotta compromise between economical and "dream."