Tuesday, 13 November 2012


I had several intentions in the last week or so, but have been very busy. We've had something on the calendar almost every day this month. Evenings are traditionally my quiet time, but Daniel is needy then (cluster nursing to prep for bed, and no one around to help soothe him) so, while I can browse or play games on the computer, I can't type very well.

Anyway... The children continue to be unbearably cute. Bob and they are building the playhouse (finally!) as a project for Bob to photograph for his current class.
I went to the building for a suitcase and found all my mending that I'd packed up last year. Taryn sewed on some buttons and now I have two new shirts! Also found Azariah's suit coat (but not the pants) which now fits William.
Riah's MRI and EKG is Wednesday; we are hoping for good news (or at least a lack of bad news).
I've been baking almost every day for the bake sale next week, filling the freezer with cookies, cupcakes, pie crusts...
Made 3 kinds of strawberry preserves and a batch of apple butter.
Went to Crystal Bridges museum (with two other homeschool families!).
Bought a cape dress for Taryn and Naysha, and a new jacket for me, at a yard sale. Elijah says Taryn "looks like a Midnight" (Mennonite). Haha. She will have to figure out the bun to be authentic.

Wil, I still have your post on Obama in mind, but haven't looked at it any more. I doubt I'll be able to change your mind on the subject, and it really doesn't matter anyway.


Wil said...

It's (sometimes) good to be busy. It helps the time pass, and keeps us from complaining.

Hopefully, you'll have time for passive reflection soon. :-)

Re: the Obama post, remember that the point was: "you shouldn’t vote against him unless you have a legitimate reason". I hope you don't disagree with that.

(And I did list at least two legitimate reasons to vote against him.)

Certainly it's fine to disagree with any other opinions I scattered throughout the entry. :-)

MamaOlive said...

Your main point is true. It was some of the arguments that reflect a different point of view that I wish I could help you see the other side. It seems like you haven't fully understood the "reasons" you listed and were therefore able to easily dismiss them (sometimes called a "strawman" argument/defense). But anyway... it's time to go. :-) I don't want any difference of opinion to cause a rift/bad feelings.