Monday, 22 October 2012


I remember that I was really wanting to blog the last week or two.  I just can't remember about what.


There was a trip to Oklahoma for my niece's birthday. I was in charge of the trip down; we left at 8am and didn't stop. I drove, and after we got to I-540 south of Fayetteville we stayed on Interstates. Drive time was just under 3 1/2 hours. We had a nice visit with my parents, brother and family, and sister and family. Little brother didn't make it up from Texas.
On the way home Bob was in charge. We left about 11, stopped at a garage sale and ate in Seminole. Took I-40 to just past the Arkansas line, then turned up the AR 59 to AR 220, to I-540. Funny thing is, Arkansas state highway 220 wound its way for a few miles and then turned into an increasingly narrow, steep, windy, and bumpy DIRT ROAD. Yep. There was the occasional highway marker, so we knew we were still on track, but it was kinda iffy anyway. We crossed a picturesque creek (I stopped and Bob pictured it), and eventually found ourselves in Devil's Den State Park. It was raining at that time, though, so we didn't stop there. Did a little shopping and ate in town. Made it home about 8pm.




We've had a tummy bug.


I really can't think of anything else. William is 5 now, and Daniel is almost 3 months. Elijah is almost 3 years, and has really become independent as well as quite the talker. Life just doesn't stop.

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Wil said...

We're SO glad you were able to come down for the William/Rebecca birthday celebration. I hope the kids had fun in the tent.

Rebecca loves all of them and still says "Ella" when she sees Ella in the pictures. :-)

(And I too had a few experiences with Arkansas State Highways turning into dirt/gravel roads -- never a warning sign.)