Tuesday, 23 October 2012


Daniel rolled over today, from his back (which he generally enjoys) to his front (which he generally hates). He did it 4 times, each time faster than the last.  He had rolled from front to back a while ago (at less than 1 month) but hasn't done so recently.

We have a rabbit again. Mr B came back to the country today to live in Serenity's newly remodeled pen.

Ah, another thing we did last week was go walking in Lost Valley. Well, some of us did. Some of us stayed in the parking lot so we could run to the toilet every 5 minutes. ahem. All of us enjoyed the Fall colors and the resident Elk of Boxley Valley.

Bob is having a great time with his ColorMunki that he had to buy for his photography class. Every time he restarts his computer he has to re-register it (just about); it turned his whites to grey; and to calibrate the printer and paper it took an hour, used massive amounts of ink and paper, and the results were less pleasing than what Bob achieved by downloading a ready-made profile for some other paper/printer combination. But the instructor insists that it's better than relying on one's eyes. It just IS.

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Wil said...

The instructor insists that because either: (1) he/she is getting a kickback from the company that sells it -- likely or (2) he/she is not very bright -- I won't presume to say which without knowing the instructor.

I assume he/she isn't stupid, or Bob wouldn't have stayed the course this long. So kickback it is.