Saturday, 22 September 2012


The breakfast at Best Western at Pearl (near Jackson, Mississippi, airport) DID have a nice breakfast. They kept it stocked, and made sure we were full before packing it up at the posted closing time. Make your own waffles, yogurt, fresh fruit, some egg-type substance, and sausage and ham, plus cereal, toast, coffee, milk, and juice. The orange juice was disgusting, but the rest was decent.

At Super 8 the cinnamon rolls were nice, but for waffles they had thawed out Eggos. Other than yogurt there was no protein. They also worked hard to keep the counters stocked.

We had let our chickens free-range while we were gone, and when we got back one rooster and his three hens were missing. No sign of foul play, but no sign of the fowls, either. :-( The extra rooster from that pen is still here, but he's very lonely now.  I think we should give him some of the girls from the other pen.

We got everything dry, finally.

Yesterday we had a hot dog roast with two other homeschool, dresses and headcovering families. :-) That was an adventure, with 19 children ages 13 and under together in one place. Each of the mothers had a newborn boy with her, and the men were talking politics and religion, so the children got to have lots of fun playing tag and hide and seek. Ella received the only reportable injury, as she bounced into the business end of a hot dog roaster that William was carrying, and scratched her bottom eyelid.

Today is Riah's birthday. We weren't quite prepared (no balloons, and pink candles), but so far things are going okay. Bob took Riah and Ced fishing this morning while I made the cake and the chicken noodle soup for lunch, and the girls cleaned house. Now they are playing and I'm typing. :-)


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Riah.

Wil said...

"Legos"? I think you meant Eggos? :-)

So far, our best hotel breakfasts have been at Holiday Inns in Odessa.

One hotel in Flagstaff that had advertised "continental breakfast" and "high speed wireless internet" had only a coffee pot and box of donuts, and wired internet (pay a fee for the password). You can bet we'll never stay at that brand again. :-)

MamaOlive said...

haha, yes, of course. Got that fixed; thanks.