Thursday, 16 August 2012

Children's funnies for today:

Bob identified a smell as coming from the Butterball Water Plant. Cedwryck asked why anybody would grow such a plant.

We went to Academy Sports and Outdoors store, and there were several deer blinds out front. The children started talking about the deer stands, when I tried to make a funny and said, "I think that one is a deer 'sit' - see the chairs?" Then they spent the next 5 minutes correcting each other that it was called a "sit" and not a "stand." I finally got the attention back and was able to have some read the label on the thing, to show it was indeed called a "stand."

When dinner time rolled around and we were still in town, it was suggested that we go to Golden Corral (an American-style buffet) since it was the family night and children's meals were discounted. As Ella has requested this restaurant for her birthday dinner next week, we teased her by asking if this would count for her birthday.  She didn't like that idea much, but Elijah started in about how he wanted to go there. Somebody said it could count for Elijah's birthday (not until November).  The rest of the night Elijah was convinced it was his birthday.

On second thought, those last two were parent's funnies more than children's.


Wil said...

I'm starting to see the same kinds of misunderstandings with Rebecca. Marline's worse than I am about not speaking literally... I think I'm more accustomed to online conversations where it's too easy to misunderstand.

MamaOlive said...

Wil, you may be onto something there. Talking with a child is very like chatting online. :-)