Tuesday, 13 December 2011

time to wake up

We have a big day planned today (more about that later), so no one slept well last night. At 5am Riah knocked on our door and said, "It's time to get up." I told him it was 5, and we get up at 7; he should go to sleep.

Ay 6, William knocked on our door and said, "I'm super hungry!" I told him we'd eat in the morning, and he should go back to bed.

Now it's 8, and guess who isn't up yet. We drug Riah out of bed at 7:30, but William is still asleep.

To change subjects, Taryn wants a camera, and we plan to get one for her birthday (Jan). We have 3 possibilities so far, as she wants a good zoom, and we don't want AA batteries or some lesser brand. I'd like a manual option, so she can learn to set her settings, so one day she can better use our DSLRs.
Choice 1 is within our desired price range (on sale for $150). It is Nikon 6200, the upgrade to one my brother has and is happy with. It's fast, cheap, and has many features we want, including a 10x zoom.
Choice 2 is a Nikon 8200. It's more expensive ($240) but has 14x zoom, full HD video, and is even faster. It also has a metal body instead of plastic, and takes slightly better quality pictures. Neither Nikon has manual settings.
Choice 3 is a Sony HX7V. It's $220, has 10x zoom and full HD video, takes slightly better pictures, has a couple more features, and has limited manual settings. But Bob doesn't really like Sony for its history of exclusiveness.
What would you do?

Ah, breakfast is ready. Talk to you soon.


Wil said...

Ah, choosing a camera.

I'm glad you're looking for something with manual settings, but it's difficult to find in today's compact cameras.

To their credit, these companies *are* actually giving consumers what they want -- ease of use, more megapixels, HD video, less buttons on the camera body, etc. Which is why it's difficult to find an affordable compact with manual settings (most consumers couldn't care less about that).

My reason for not choosing the Sony would be slightly different from Bob's -- they're an electronics company; not a camera company. And the price of course.

If you all were a Canon family, I'd offer to donate (or sell cheap) my older Rebel XT which still works. All you'd have to do is buy her a cheap kit lens for it.

(Or ask Heather about their Nikon D50, since it seems all her newest images are from the smartphone, LOL.)

MamaOlive said...

Wil, Thanks for your comments.
We almost decide to get the cheaper Nikon, but then remember the 10fps burst and the 0.5 inch focus distance macro of the 8200, and it almost seems worth an extra $90. But then, it's for Taryn, and she isn't the most careful person in the world.
Thanks for the offer of the Rebel. I will consider that as well.