Monday, 10 October 2011

a whole week!

I have a nice post planned, but I'm waiting on the pictures. ahem!

So anyway... Bob has just finished 2 weeks of online college. He's not a reader, so I've been helping him with that quite a bit. Taryn is helping teach the younger ones their math lessons.

College has proven to be stressful in many unexpected ways, and amusing in others. One assignment was to make a realistic calendar (homeschoolers call it a schedule) and post it to the class. One student had this to say: "don't know how to do the calendar thing this is bad and no help don't make it easy but my calendar would have easy to read and you coud fine it easy to and would show you how to make yours if you need one." huh.

Either way, it takes up a lot of time, and I'm learning things about Design that I hope I never have to use. We are also learning about each others learning styles, and natural intelegences and other psychological stuff. Apparently Bob learns best by looking at pictures in a group setting, with no music. I learn best alone, by reading, with music. So it is challenging for us to do the class together, but I think it's good for us. Also, he's a "global" learner, and I'm sequential. So when I help read the texts, I have to control the mouse - he's all over the page and it makes me dizzy!

Otherwise, we are raising the chickens, walking the dog, and finally harvesting some tomatoes. (Tomatoes are usually harvested around June/July, but mine are a little behind schedule.)

I see pictures in my future! Thanks, Bob.


Wil said...

It's amazing how differently people learn, and thus amazing how poorly most schools/teachers pander to this.

My "favorite" teachers from my school days were the ones who taught in ways that I could learn: graphs, pictures, maps, visual aids and demonstrations (or even writing on a chalkboard or printed handouts).

My least favorite were the ones with oral-only lectures. I can rarely remember something that is only audible; that's the first sense that my brain ignores when I begin thinking.

(My wife, on the other hand, learns best from hearing or reading and has almost perfect memory of things she's heard and read.)

Wil said...

And the other student's comment is hilariously stupid. They can't figure out how to do it, but they'd be glad to help me with mine?

No thanks. I've had enough help in my life from people who don't know what they're doing.