Tuesday, 12 July 2011


I was going to do a short blurb on Facebook, but realized there are several things worth mentioning.

You know Bob is getting money from the VA for being disabled. In spite of the program being called "Disability Benefits at Discharge" he didn't get his first payment until 5 months after discharge. We *thought* there would be a retroactive payment (backpay), but I got tired of waiting and contacted the VA last week. Today we got a letter in the mail, and a deposit in the bank!! Not as much as I'd hoped for (and I can't figure out why), but it is a nice bonus and not to be sneezed at.

We finally got the order for our furniture delivery!!! The movers should be here next Friday. Oh, that means we have to get to work. Anyone want to come visit this week and help lay wood floor, paint, or tile a shower? I'll feed you well. If you want to crawl under the house and hook up the shower, we might reimburse your traveling expenses.

I'm making pickles!!! I have the cucumbers sliced and soaking in lime water. I haven't done this in YEARS and it is so exciting. I really like homemade crispy sweet pickles. There isn't even a poor substitute available in stores.

ALSO, this morning I made one jar's worth of onion-ginger relish. We haven't had an official taste-testing, but the bit I licked off my finger while dishing it up was very nice.

Today we took Sergeant to an outdoor 4-H meeting, and the professional dog lady confirmed Bob's suspicions that "he" is really a GIRL! I kept thinking he was just immature. Anyway, we need to rename her - maybe Serenity. And, while she praised us for bringing the dog out, she said we ought to deworm her again (she'll bring stuff next week), feed higher quality food, and keep the dog out of the cat food and litter.

Our church is having revival meeting this week.

We are trying strawberry omelettes for supper.

In the garden, some freaky caterpillars have eaten EVERY leaf off our walnut tree. The zucchini gave up the ghost. The toms still haven't brought forth fruit. Obviously the cukes are doing well. And yesterday I got my sweet potato slips. Planted out one variety this morning; will do more tonight or tomorrow.


Ganeida said...

Like to post both those recipes? They sound delish. Bugs are the bane of a gardener's life & most of ours cause itchy rashes. Just Luv~ver~ly. Lost our zucs. Lost our cues. Beans & parsley going great guns! ☺

Anonymous said...

That onion-ginger relish does sound good. Still laughing about the dog. mums

Wil said...

I'm glad to hear you finally received (some of) the back pay. I'm sure the paperwork had to go through three dozen offices around the country and get stamped by 15 different people, just to be sure.

(I try not to think about the bureaucracy too much; it's amazing the country runs at all.)

I hope your furniture arrives safely and soon.

MamaOlive said...

Wil, I heard a quote just yesterday about bureaucracy being useful to keep the crazy people busy so we regular folks can go about our business unmolested.