Saturday, 2 July 2011


I probably won't get very far in typing out an actual post, so thought I'd try a list of what we've got done this week.

I painted the 3 walls of our master bedroom. Yes, 3...actually more like 2 1/2 because of the fireplace... There is another half wall to do, but it hasn't been built yet. So anyway, that's 2 to 3 coats of primer plus 2 coats of color. We chose a light purple color that turned out lighter than I expected. Taryn came into the room not long after I'd finished and was trying to imagine what it will look like all done; she said, "The walls are going to be purple" and I interrupted her because the walls ARE purple, and after a minute of hard looking she was able to see it. I think we decided to wait to trim it out after we get the floor in, because we'll need to measure from the floor up, and all that painting can be done outside.

William learned how to write a "W". Most (maybe all) of the others have been able to write their whole name by this point, but give him a break; he's left-handed. ;-) He's also starting to get that tall, skinny look of most 3 year olds, and starting to talk a LOT (which is a little bit difficult because he still lisps a bit and says "us" instead of "we" - part of the lisping might be because of his underbite, but anyway we are working on it).

Taryn learned how to swim. Riah and Naysha are right behind her. We've been out 4 times now, though yesterday's trip was a bust. The water was warm, and pretty dirty, and first thing I saw a snake... We stayed a few minutes but then decided to go home and have ice cream instead.

We picked the first two cucumbers last night. I guess I better get my canning jars sorted out.

And the big, life changing one: We got our building built. It's 30x40, wood frame but metal sides and roof, on a concrete pad. This means that we can unclutter the house a bit and then (drum roll, please) ORDER OUR STUFF! Remember our furniture, clothes, toys, and books that we had in England? I do. I remember our newish mattress set with great fondness. I remember our solid oak dining table, big enough for everyone to sit at; my computer hutch and chair; measuring cups; Polish pottery; girls' bed; bookshelves... Tuesday we will call somebody and tell them to schedule a delivery date. Finally, 8 months later, we will be moved in.
And then once we get our stuff sorted out, we can use the building for a photo studio on one side and a garage on the other. But the main thing is the beds. ;-)


Anonymous said...

So glad for you to finally be able to get all your things together. Before we got our house finished, some of our things had been in storage for almost 2 years. There were a few things that I wondered why I had kept, but glad to have all the others. We did have our beds the whole time, though. mums

Wil said...

Glad to hear the building is done. Having extra storage space (especially that much!) will be amazing.

Marline and I debated getting a small shed when we moved in her (so we'd be able to park both cars in the garage for once), but even a small shed would probably dominate our tiny back yard...

MamaOlive said...

Thanks, guys!
The building is big news all over town. :-D Seriously, I'm working on a post titled "Can't get away with anything" about life in a small town.