Saturday, 11 September 2010


Just found a blog in my favorites list and took a gander. Ran into the following and it sums up quite a bit of how I felt after reading the New Testament through in 5 days.

The kingdom of God is not and has never been about political activism. It is not about restoring America to the good old days that never were. Jesus was not interested in overthrowing the Roman government when he walked among men, and He isn’t interested in overthrowing the democrats in November, 2010.

You know it pains me to admit that given my well documented and deep-seated aversion for liberalism and the Democratic party agenda which I believe stands in violent opposition to God’s word and godly principles. But the truth is the truth.

The best thing Christians can do is fall on our faces before our Merciful Heavenly Father, repent for our materialistic, selfish, watered down gospel, and be about our Father’s business in our own house, on our own streets and in our own churches if we want to see change on a national level.

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Agreement from here. mums