Monday, 13 September 2010


sorry for the lapse in blog posts lately. I expect y'all to assume I'm busy getting the house ready to move. ahem.

We had the housing inspector out last week, and he was gracious. Of all the fiddly bits, we are only being charged for one set of miniblinds, which cost about $100. He asked us to clean the walls in preparation for re-painting, but told us not to worry about patching holes or cleaning the carpet. He was impressed that I'd done my own inventory when we moved in, as most people don't bother. I'm glad, too, as it saved us having to replace the kitchen cabinet that was broken when we moved in.

We've sorted and cleaned and packed; shopped, planned, and searched. We exchanged anniversary presents on the 11th, the day of our legal marriage, as it was a Saturday. We both got the other a Celtic cross on slate. :-D

There have been some interesting stories, but right now I can't think of them. Today I'm making croissants for dinner. If they turn out well I may start making my own chocolate ones, as outside sources are unreliable.

I drove the Mini the other day. It kept freaking me out to not have to shift.
So, yeah. Not blogging so much. :-)

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Wil said...

Oh, good. I hadn't checked in several days and kept worrying that I'd have a lot of reading to do. :-)

We're anxious to see all of you when you return (very son now!) and I'll try to make a special trip up to Oklahoma to help welcome the Morrows home... (the wife may or may not come, work schedule pending.)