Thursday, 10 June 2010

One of THOSE days

Today was one of ‘em. You all know I like to complain, so there’s no point in beating around the bush here.
Last night I kept waking up with itchy feet. Finally I sat up and put on my foot lotion, which killed the itch instantly. But when I lay back down my sinuses clogged up. And I didn’t get back to sleep for at least an hour and a half. (For the record, I never did get an appointment with the allergist, but I did get some Claritin over the counter. Took it for a week, but it made no noticeable difference.) So when I woke up this morning I was tired, grumpy, groggy, and had a sinus headache.
It wasn’t long before Elijah woke up (right when I was about to fix my breakfast, actually), and I didn’t hear him until he’d woke Bob. So Bob was up early and also had a headache. After breakfast Bob checked the housing market and discovered the house in Arkansas that we’d been considering our own for over a week now, was under contract to someone else. Frustrating, but we tried to trust it was God leading us out of a bad deal.
My brother had his gallbladder removed today. The last I heard, that all went well. Also my friend’s son, who has been in ICU for over a week after nearly drowning, is doing better today. So that’s good.
Elijah was standing by a large box when he fell, hitting his mouth on the box. It busted his upper lip and he cried and bled on my shirt.
Taryn dropped dinner again – spaghetti sauce, this time. No one got hurt, but it sure made a mess. Sandwiches for dinner. I’m glad we had Tesco delivery the night before so there is bread.
It was cold and rainy all day, which I actually don’t mind, but I’d probably be in a better mood if it was bright outside.
Ella ruined one of William’s puzzles. Not technically his, I guess, but when a 2 year old can do a puzzle better than an 8 year old, you let him “own” the puzzles.
I know there’s more, but I’m getting tired again and can’t remember. Oh, yeah. FarmVille wouldn’t load all day. Yes, the silly game on Facebook. Finally I tried it on Internet Explorer and it worked.

So, better news. Bob had off work yesterday and will again tomorrow. Yesterday we went to a sort of farmers market to see what it was like. It was mostly an auction. They had all kinds of chickens, and a few ducks, pigeons, etc. We walked around and looked at the critters and then left. Then we went driving, and ended up out at Cheveley for a fond farewell to our old neighborhood. It is so pretty out there it makes my heart ache. I took a picture of Bob next to a stud farm sign, that I’ve wanted to do since we lived out there. Everywhere we went I heard the birds. I don’t know what all I heard or saw, but I really enjoyed it. So this year for Christmas I want bird stuff. Feeders, houses, food… We went by the BXtra for supper and then walked around a bit. They had some new windchimes in, and I found one that I liked the sound of. But of course, they didn’t have any of those in the boxes. We really should have bought one when we were out at that garden center “the other day.”
Am trying to think of what to do for the weekend. Depends on the weather, I suppose.
Oh well, time to wind down for bed.


Ganeida said...

You have a lot on your plate just now. Anne had it right: Tommorrow is another day ~ with no mistakes in it yet. Hope your tomorrow is better.

Wil said...

"You all know I like to complain"

I think it runs in the family. :-)

"My brother had his gallbladder removed today"

I heard it went well too. We are keeping him in our prayers, hoping that this was the only thing causing his pain. I have cried painful tears ...

"Taryn dropped dinner again"

Is she related to Heather? ;-)

I'm sorry to hear your house deal fell through. But that situation is also in our prayers and we know it will all work out as it should. Keep your game faces on. It won't be long. :-)