Wednesday, 23 June 2010

needs work

So pretend I'm a good writer and this actually comes out funny or interesting, 'k?

We've been talking about getting a goat when we move back to The States, as they require less room and money than cows. Bob suggested we try goat milk before we make up our minds.

So last time I ordered from Tesco, I got a carton of goat milk. I made a blind taste test with the children - 2% cow's milk, 2% goat milk, and skim cow's milk. All but one liked the goat milk, though most could identify it. Taryn, who really doesn't like skim milk, got the 2% and skim mixed up and actually liked the skim better. So, emboldened by their comments, I tried the goat milk. EWWWWWW. It was very floral in flavor (I said it tasted like dandelion, though afterward I realized I've never actually eaten one), and left a strong, lingering aftertaste. Bob thought it was no different from cow milk.


Anonymous said...

Dob likes skim milk and has used it for years. I don't like it. It tastes like flavored water to me. My friend, who only drinks skim milk, says my 2% tastes like cream to her. Bottom line, it's like everything else - acquired taste. jc

Wil said...

I remember the time Marline was eating deer at Mom & Dad's house, and didn't know it. She was fine until they told her it was Bambi. :-)

Skim milk is different, though. I drank some by accident once and almost gagged...

I can't recall if I've ever tried goat's milk.

(And I assume that milk from your own goat would taste different than goat milk from a store... I know cow milk is different.)

MamaOlive said...

Wil, the deer meat incident was on my birthday. I hope Marline hasn't held it against me. :-)

I agree the milk is an acquired taste. We used to use whole milk until Mom got caught in the low-fat movement and gradually moved us all down. Some of us made it to skim, and some got stuck at 2%. Personally, I can drink any version. And funnily enough, new research is showing that whole milk is more heart-healthy than skim, because you only get the "good" fats in with the "bad" fats, and they more than make up for the bad.
Yes, I also figure raw milk is quite different from store-bought; it's been a while since I tried raw cow's milk (at Aunt Pat's).

Misty said...

The flavor of the goat's milk also depends on what they are eating. Imagine "spinach flavored"!!!!
Personally, I can't drink the stuff- too sweet for my taste.

I had a Bambi incident. ONCE!:-)

Anonymous said...

I've never tried goat's milk and have no intention to do so! And yes, the blog post came across as funny -- my laugh for the day. mums

MamaOlive said...

Thanks, Mom. If we end up with a milk goat I'll be sure to tell you we bought some cow's milk before you came over. ;-)

Misty, deer is good, lean, "free" - what's not to like?

kimba said...

Skim yuk 2% not much better. Whole milk makes me nauseous,but Goats milk I like and my stomach can tolerate. The downside is it's cost.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I enjoyed this post very much. I like goat milk, but we milk our own goats and it tastes much better when you milk your own animals. We milk a Jersey cow, too. My kids like both kinds.

I hope you can get a goat someday. They are great animals!


MamaOlive said...

Thanks, Julie.
The size of properties we've been looking at would be more suited to a goat than a cow. I hope we are able to have a couple of goats and a dozen chickens.