Monday, 5 April 2010

Resurrection Day

Well, we made it through another holiday.

What we did:
Friday we drove around a while, took pictures, checked out a water mill, and ended up at a garden center/tea room/steam engine museum. As most of the museum was outside, and it was cold and rainy, we didn't go to that part. The garden center was pretty nice, and much bigger than I expected (though not quite Lowes - but then, it wasn't a lumber yard, too). I'd been told that I really should have a 'cream tea' - scones with jam and clotted cream - so we went into the tea room for that purpose. But they were out of scones. So Bob had some tea anyway, and we shared a "lumpy bumpy pie" (picture and description on Flickr and Facebook), and the children shared 2 eclairs. Yes, we are stingy, but at least they got something, and $11 or so for a snack isn't to be sneezed at. I even shared some of the tea, after dumping in the whole pot of milk and a whole packet of sugar. :-D The pastries were delicious.
Then we walked through the store, and Bob bought a present for me, but that falls into the other category.

Saturday we went over to Mildenhall to check out the "outdoor living" sale. We bought 4 decent lawn chairs for $17 (were that much each). But as we meandered, looking for one more gift for William, Bob got to feeling ill and suddenly went weak all over. He leaned on me for a minute and then went to the bus to lie down. I finished up the shopping and then drove us home. Bob took a nap in his chair while I cooked the lamb (half leg).
For dinner we had a sort of Passover with roast lamb, unleavened bread, and bitter herbs, eaten with our shoes on. I know the Jewish tradition has changed the meal into a big production, but we decided to stick with the simplicity of the Exodus account. (And, yes, we know Saturday wasn't the right day for Passover, but that's when we could do it.)

Sunday we had coffee cake, eggs, and hash browns for breakfast, opened presents, and then went to church. After church we went into Lakenheath with the aim of getting Chinese for lunch, but the ATM was broken and the Chinese place only takes cash. So we were going to just get bread at the grocery, but no place to park. So we went up and turned around again, and on our way back down we parked back in front of the ATM which is close to the Filipino place. So we got lunch from there, and it was the best we've had from there.
Then we played with our new toys, and outside some, and generally chilled out.

What we got:
Bob: Tim Hawkins (Bananas) DVD, Facing the Giants DVD, and some book on tape by Joe Gibbs (of NASCAR fame), and a candy bar from the children.
Me: Wellingtons, a Dutch Hoe, and a Fry's chocolate bar.
Taryn: book "Do Hard Things," a book about Pocahontas, sunglasses
Naysha: a fancy dress-up dress, a Bible and cover, and a computer game
Riah: two rubber animals, a Bible and cover, and a book
Cedwryck: an (American) Indian costume, a game "The armor of God" and a tractor book
Ella: a fancy dress-up dress, dominoes, and a game "BibleLand"
William: a Matchbox car, a Donut Man DVD, and a set of 4 cardboard puzzles.

We wrapped everything in gift bags to save time and money, and it made a lovely pile of bags and tissue paper.

So that was fun, and now it's back to work.
I am really eating up this Spring. It's bittersweet, as Spring is so obvious and longed for here - so beautiful - and it will be our last. Next year we will get the mood swings of an Oklahoma Spring, with blizzards one day and 80* plus the next day. But there will be dogwood, so it's not a total loss. :-)
William says it's time to change his diaper, so I guess I better go do that.


Wil said...

Oklahoma springs are indeed cantankerous. This year is a prime example...

Fortunately, Marline's first Spring in Texas is giving her hope. It simply warmed gradually from winter's cold, with a few rainshowers thrown in. Like it's supposed to. :-)

Ganeida said...

did our sort of Passover on Monday... so don't feel too bad. Monday is when we could do it so that's when it got done. Easter blessings, my friend. Your cat still graces my kitchen. Every time I see him I smile, think of you & say a little prayer ~ mostly of thanksgiving that in a world so full of ugliness there are still beautiful people like you in it! ☺

S.A.M. said...

So I take it you will be moving to Oklahoma when you return to the states? Oh and what gift did Elijah get? Anyhoo, so glad to see you are having a beautiful spring. :-)

MamaOlive said...

Thank you, my dear; you are too kind.

We are still looking at Oklahoma and Arkansas. We'll end up wherever we find a house, I suppose. Elijah didn't get any gifts this year. :-)