Tuesday, 30 March 2010

catch up

Hey! I finally got Elijah to sleep on his blanket instead of my lap. This means that I can type! (well, sort of)

What’s been going on lately? Hmm. I got some reading glasses. They are much lighter than my old ones, and are designed for reading rather than distance, so it really reduces eye fatigue when I’m reading all day long. I knew my eye condition was called astigmatism, but I thought it meant one eye had a different prescription than the other eye. Apparently it means my eyes aren’t quite the right roundness. (Or it actually is the other! Either way, I have both problems.) So while my eyesight isn’t actually that bad, my eyes (especially the left one) get sore by the end of the day. Except, now they don’t because of the new glasses. :- ) Yeah, I forgot how to write.

Ummm, the BX has been having a Wii 3-point contest every weekend. The first week they had it at the BXtra, and they let all the children do it. Though Bob had the high score at home, Taryn beat him at the store, and as her score was over 12, she got a reusable shopping bag. The next week it was at the main store, and Bob got the high score of the day – 22. They didn’t let the children go. He won a Nerf-style basketball hoop to hang on the back of a door, plus ball to go with it. When we claimed out prize they told us to be sure and come back next weekend, so we did. This time, I won! Bob tried a round, and then I went. As soon as I was done the guy handed me the ball hoop. :- ) Oh, Wii is the new Nintendo game console, and the 3 point contest is a basketball style shootout, featured on the game SportsResort.

A lady at church had a baby. She’s pretty quiet, but her husband is always talking to us because he wants to know all about fatherhood, and figures Bob ought to know something by now. She was induced at 1 week overdue, and at the urging of her mother and the nurse had an epidural. The father tells us that was the worst part of labor, as she’d been doing fine up to then. Ah, well, baby was delivered safely, after prayer turned him into the right position. I’m happy for them. And I’m glad my mom told me not to have an epidural, as she’d endured 2 natural labors and said it was easier without it.

I’ve been hearing a lot lately about self-discipline and stuff. Makes me very uncomfortable. But I have been pretty consistent with the cross trainer lately. It actually helps my knees not to hurt. I’m just waiting for my pelvis to stop hurting. And somewhere in all that self-discipline stuff was a bit about NFP and sex-ed, and we’re recognizing the need to have one of ‘those’ talks with the children. We want them innocent but not ignorant, so they will know to choose the good and refuse the evil. Speaking of innocent, yesterday William was breastfeeding a stuffed animal. LOL. But he’s starting to be interested in potty training! It won’t be long now.

Well, Elijah woke up and is starting to think there’s more to life than laying on the floor. Speaking of Elijah, he is very coordinated, and just has to be holding something or walking (or both). He loves for us to hold his hands and let him ‘walk.’ Okay, gotta go.


S.A.M. said...

Welcome the astigmatism club. I have them in both eyes, so when I get new glasses the floor is slanted for a couple of hours before my eyes readjust.

Oh and very cute story about William. :-)

MamaOlive said...

Thanks, Marline.
The new glasses do seem to make the world a little wonky around the edges, but I'm getting used to them.

Wil said...

I'm still *very* glad I don't need glasses for anything yet. At our recent eye test for Texas DLs, the lady made me read line 5. Yet I could read all the way to line 8 (much smaller) without trouble.

But, my minimum focus distance is beginning to recede, much like Mom's, so I'm sure I'll need reading glasses someday. :-)