Wednesday, 23 December 2009

so far so good


Bob is going to retire next year. He went to a pre-separation briefing Tuesday.

This allowed him to come home 'early' Monday night - about 2am.

He got home from the briefing in time to take Taryn to her Dr appt. It's not infected. Then he rubbed my back. my hero!

Tues night he worked from 5:30pm to 5am. Then today (Wed) he slept on the couch while I took Riah and Elijah to Cambridge for Riah's Dr apt. Riah has a faulty valve in his heart, and he goes once a year to a cardiologist to monitor it. Things looked the same as before; he's still "healthy" but needs checking on. It was my first time driving to Cams, and it turned out fine. Traffic wasn't bad at all; being holidays I guess people are getting up late. Snow is still on the ground, but the roads off base are clear. Sunrise over the snow-covered horse pastures by Newmarket was amazing.

After the dr we stopped at Tesco in Newmarket in hopes of picking up pictures we'd ordered online. They were promised done by noon; I was there at 11 and "the delivery man hasn't come yet today." I asked when he was expected. "When he gets here." At my incredulous look I was told that there isn't a set time, and anyway with this weather it would be unpredictable. She did say "sorry" though so I guess it's all okay. In the states this type service would be out of business in a month. But here demand far exceeds supply so any sorry sort of service will get all the customers it can stand.

We made it home just before lunch; Bob ordered pizza. He went to bed about 1, woke up at 4:30, and to work at 5:15. He hopes they will get off at midnight as they should.

My back still catches in some positions, and I can't lift anything, but just walking isn't too bad.

Did I ever post that we had a WIC apt on Saturday? It was originally for today, but we rescheduled when Riah's dr apt came in, and WIC was open Saturday to help out before Christmas. As Bob was working anyway I decided it would work. Bob even got off for lunch and met us down there. That was my first time driving on snow. I kept it nice and slow, and everything was fine. Anyway, Elijah (at 6 weeks) weighed in at 13lbs 1 oz. Wow. I think Taryn was 6 months old before she weighed that much.

Elijah has a cold now. :-( He is hoarse and his cry is so pathetic. Good thing he doesn't cry much anyway. He has a phlegmy cough, and a stuffy nose. Appetite isn't bothered by it, though he is sleeping more.

And now, as we are planning to do the shopping tomorrow that I was going to do Mon and Tues, I'm supposed to do my Christmas baking prep tonight. so I'm off.

(Sorry about the abbreviations and etc; Elijah is asleep on my lap and I'm trying to hurry.)


Ganeida said...

Have a nice Christmas. Your card arrived safely. Thank you so much. Hope everyone feels better soon.

S.A.M. said...

Congrats on the retirement! So when will you return to the states? Also where do you think you'll live. It would be nice if you were within an 8 hour drive of us. Or close enough that we could get together more often for family events once a month or so.

Wil said...

Yes, congrats on the retirement! We'll be glad to have all of you "home" sometime in 2010, even if it is hours from us. We'll find you. :-)

And, from your comments about the service, it sounds like you're ready to come home... ;-)