Saturday, 28 November 2009


When talking to a friend a couple of weeks ago, she asked what our plans were for Thanksgiving, and I took it as an invitation. So Thursday we got together for a feast. Their house is bigger, but mine is older and has a yard, so we gathered here - my 9 and her 6. Some might think it would be hard to feed 15 people with a table and chairs for 8 and a two-seater couch, but it worked beautifully.
They brought turkey and dressing, sweet potato casserole, rolls, cranberry sauce, and two pies. I made green bean casserole, roast potatoes (both for the first time; turned out great), ham, pumpkin roll, and pudding pie.
We ate soon after their arrival about 2pm, and then the children went out to play for awhile, then upstairs and generally in and out, while the adults visited in the living room. I'm afraid we were fairly dull hosts, as we rarely have opportunity to just chat while the children behave elsewhere, and so aren't very good at it. But I think we were all satisfied with the visit. Maybe we should practice more often.

Yesterday I woke up very tired, and soon crashed on the couch. Bob woke up early, too, but didn't stay long before going back to bed. When he woke up for real, we had lunch and then started getting ready to go. We went to Tesco again, and this time the photo center was open. We got the pictures: cheap, easy, good quality, what we ordered! We shopped around while waiting for development, and got milk and cheese, snack/junk food, fruit. Then brought the cold stuff by the house (and fed the baby and chilled for a little while). Then back out to see if the BX had any sales, and for dinner.

At the BX we each got a scratch card (well, after we proved to the man that there really were 9 of us), winning several orders of breadsticks and two free shirt launderings. I didn't see anything in the sale ad that we wanted, but we walked through just to check. I'd shopped online that morning and found some sales at Sears on boys clothes, and wanted to comparison shop before ordering. Whaddya know? We found boys jeans (in our sizes!) for $8. And the Christmas suits are in, so we got one for Cedwryck for $20. (Riah still has his from his birthday). Asics athletic shoes were half price from 7pm, so I went to see if they had anything. I found one men's pair that fit, and *almost* felt good. After wearing them in store for 15 minutes I decided against them.

I took the children to put on coats and hats while Bob checked out. While checking out, Bob saw a drill he wanted. And when he came out, I checked the receipt and saw that the shirt I bought at 75% off hadn't been discounted. So I took the shirt back in for a price correction and bought the drill, while Bob took the children out to the bus. Then home just in time for bed.

Elijah stayed awake until 1am, woke up to eat at 4, and then I got up at 6:45. Ready to go!! It's 9:30 now and Bob's still asleep. We plan to go to Bury today, as they are having a Christmas Fayre as well as their regular market. Maybe I'll take a nap...


Ganeida said...

I can't imagine another big festival so close to Christmas. It would drive me insane ~ but then I don't really like Christmas much either...☺

Anonymous said...

Wow! sounds like a great Thanksgiving. And sounds like you are back to your very busy selves, going and doing. Thanks for writing. mums

Wil said...

I'm glad you finally got your photo prints, and that you had a great Thanksgiving.