Sunday, 15 November 2009

football pictures

Wow, we made it to another photo shoot! Bob has a guy at work that is a coach for a base football team. They had tried to get a professional photographer come in, but things got hung up in the paperwork stage, so the man asked Bob to do it. We we scheduled for last Saturday, but Elijah didn't think that was a good idea. :-)

The shoot was to take place at the youth center. So we got there about 12:30, and found out we were in the gym area. We unloaded the bus in the rain and went to set up. There were about 50 children and 4 adults running around the gym, throwing balls and eating (always a good combo, especially when one adds a few thousand dollars worth of electronic equipment). The ball-throwing was supposed to be confined to one half of the room, but with no walls and minimal supervision, balls and children occasionally went over the line. Next to our designated area were several tables of food and drink.

Anyway, we got set up, did a couple of test shots, and waited for someone to start things. First there was an "awards" ceremony, where every player got a medal. Then they were to come take pictures. One by one the coaches got their teams together (3 teams); we did a team shot, and then took individual pics of the players. The first team was a bit of a rush, and I took in 3 orders while Bob took pictures. The next team didn't make any orders til they were done, and then only 1. Then the third team, where most of the players left without getting individual shots. But then some people came back and ordered more, and a couple requested special takes - one boy with his little brother, another with his mother.

When we started packing up, the people all left, and the youth center workers started cleaning up. They had lots of food left out, and kept giving stuff to us. We got half a chocolate cake, two big bags of single-serving chips, two boxes of sports drinks, and a single-serve bag of cookies for each child. (Over $20 worth, all told.) About when we were done, Elijah woke up, so I sat on the bleachers and nursed him while Bob and Taryn loaded the bus. Then we were done.
Bob discovered that he has some work to do on his pictures, but most of them are fixable.

We rested for a few hours, then we went out for dinner and a little shopping. We found shoes and a nightgown for Taryn, a coat for Naysha, and sweats for Ella, as well as a cake pan for me and vitamins for the children. I figured it would be a good idea for the winter, to have vitamins around. sigh. Children's vitamins tend to come in two varieties - Flinstone and not-Flinstone. Flinstone brand has various combinations, including one with iron (which William needs, and was why I thought of getting some in the first place), but they are all made with artificial colors, flavors, and sweeteners. The other brand that the store had was the gummies that have no artificial ingredients, but they also have no iron, and less than 100% RDA of the stuff it does have. grump. I got the gummies for now, but intend to keep my eyes open for something better.

Anyway, time to wake up Bob and get ready for church.

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