Friday, 6 November 2009

Still going

Well, it's 3 days past the "due date" and I'm still "all in one piece" as a lady from church put it. I felt some rumblings yesterday and today, but things petered out with a little rest.

The cold has come back to most of the children, and myself. >sniff<

The Army base where my sister-in-law works was a major crime scene yesterday, with a gunman (or two) causing injury to some 40 people. She was uninjured, but had to work late (she works at the hospital)and go through a vehicle search on her way home.

Oh, we got the muffler fixed on the bus. Sorry, Mom and Dad, if we'd known how easy it would be we'd have done it before we took our trip(s). Get this: they fixed it the SAME DAY that we took it up there. No pre-booking. Cost was very reasonable, and it came with a two year warranty. When we tried to get the muffler done on our Suburban in Iceland, we left it with a guy for two months and never got it done.

I know there's other stuff going on, but right now I'm consumed with watching for signs of labor and can barely remember to eat. :-)


Ko-Leen said...

everything seems that way in Iceland, when went through hiring 3 company's to fix the gutters on our building, not one showed up to do it and a year later my husband did it himself. although, this was before the kreppa

Ganeida said...

Get a move on, girl! Wot's with all this dawddling about?

The HoJo's said...

have to admit I was wondering.... all mine were late though :o)


Anonymous said...

I'm glad for all of your sakes that you got the muffler fixed. Yeah, it would have been nice while we were there, but did we ever have a day when we weren't using the van? Oh yes, when you were in Scotland. Oh well. mums