Saturday, 29 October 2016

Vacation 2016 Day 1
My overview for the first day read:

Monday leave home Drive 6 hours and Stay 8-22 in Super 8 Salina, Ks; 2 rooms, 2 qn ea

The detail page was moot, because we changed our plans a week out. So here's what I remember that actually happened:

We had breakfast, cleaned up behind ourselves, packed up and locked up in good time. We drove to my aunt's house in Edmond, Oklahoma, stopping once on the east side of Tulsa to use bathrooms and get coffee. We arrived right on time - lunchtime! Another aunt was there for the day, so we all got to visit and introduce Cookie to her temporary home. The aunts provided pizza and ice cream cones as well as lively company.

We left Cookie there for the remainder of our trip, as Aunt was lonely for doggie company and it really helped us out a lot.
From Edmund we drove on to Salina, Kansas, where we found our hotel without much trouble, though it was the beginning of an enduring trend of staying in hotels at the far side of town. If memory serves, we drove into town after checking in, and ate supper at a city park. There was an old wooden playground which was lots of fun. Then it seems like we went on to a grocery store, though I can't imagine being out of water after just one day. However, that's the way I recall it. 
There was an indoor pool, and I swam with the children. Well, I sat on the steps while Ruth went from "scared to death of the water" to "trying to drown herself by jumping in without warning" in about 5 minutes. Daniel and Elijah stuck close to me, doing flips on the handrail and testing their depth. The others swam and played at the "deep" end, and Bob watched from a deck chair.
I suppose I washed the swimwear before falling into bed, but I have no memory of that.

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I like the picture of everyone around the Kansas sign.