Friday, 9 September 2016


I have lots of stuff on my mind, by turns, but haven't made the effort to write them down.
On our recent road trip I discovered strong urges to record what happened, and made a few notes on my phone.

Anyway, since LAST YEAR...

Bob did pass the stone after the home remedy. Still hasn't done anything about the gallstones. For the last 8 months he's been having terrible pain in one foot, and will get to a podiatrist in October. I would complain about the VA, but maybe it's all doctors now?

I have been wheat and peanut free for quite a while now. Did have an episode of allergy/asthma/sinus infection/???? this spring; tried a few different pills, and worked through it. Had a few days of it at the beginning of our trip; cleared up in Montana, and fogged up again on the way home.

Will I start blogging again? who knows. There are a lot of changes going on, with Taryn growing up and, dare I say it? Maybe I'm growing up, too.

So, time to get to work.