Sunday, 22 February 2015


Yes, more house construction!

Bob's friend the professional drywaller needed some help with a job he was doing (tearing down a rock fireplace), so asked Bob to trade work. Bob helped him 2 days, and then he came over here and helped with our drywall/sheetrock. We've had the sheets up for quite a while, and Bob had started covering the screws recently, but the last few days work has proceeded at an immense rate. In preparation for the mess, we unplugged the computers and moved them away from walls, so I haven't been on a computer since, oh, Tuesday? Anyway, they got everything tapes and mudded, and textured the ceiling of both dining and living room Saturday morning. Tomorrow they will texture the walls.

And after that we get to try to clean the mess. Oh, the mess! And start painting while we have the furniture moved and covered.

Last night Ruth decided not to go to bed. She just was awake, playing and talking, until 1:15. So I got in bed, and then she woke up at 2. And 4, and 6, and 7:30. So my two cups of coffee are barely keeping my eyes open today.

Oh, speaking of coffee, we tried a new brand, and it is without question my favorite (unflavored) coffee. We got the Peru version at Sam's club for a lot cheaper than on the website. It has a complex but very smooth flavor, with no bitterness or bite. I hope it's something they continue to sell.

That's all I got for now.


Anonymous said...

Good to hear that the work on the sheetrock is progressing... know you will be sooo glad to have that finished.

Good luck with Sam's Club continuing to carry the brand. They and Walmart seem really good with offering a particular brand for a short time and then not ever having it again.


Wil said...

+1 to the previous comment. I really try not to get attached to particular products, because as soon as I do, the store will stop carrying it. Especially if it's a niche item.

And yeah, Sam's is worse than Walmart about that. Ours doesn't even carry Tang anymore.