Wednesday, 12 November 2014

oh, yeah

I remembered that I have a blog, and a faulty memory, so I should write things down.

Example of faulty memory:
Yesterday at lunch (Bob was off work because of Veteran's Day - oh, you didn't know he has a job? He's driving for a contractor for Medicaid, to take people to doctor appointments. Except today's his last day because he simply couldn't stand their lack of organization) Bob started ripping up his shirt, because it had a big tear in one arm (he had a T shirt under it, and it was at least 14 years old - two unrelated yet relevant facts), and when he got the sleeve ripped off but still had the cuff buttoned around his wrist (which, by the way, is a sign of why he had the shirt so long - most long sleeved shirts don't fit to his wrists) I had a visual memory flash of a tv character who wore cuffs, but not on the end of sleeves.
(How's that for a sentence?)
I assumed this person wore a short sleeved shirt, but really couldn't place the memory at all. I searched a few terms but came up empty. Then out of the blue, Bob remembered Snagglepuss (but not the name), and there it was! Mystery solved.

So anyway... what was I gonna say?


Wil said...

Ha. That's how most sentences sound in my head. The hard part is not making them sound that way when you write them down. :-)

MamaOlive said...

Oh, I thought the hard part was getting it TO sound that way. (chuckle)