Saturday, 9 August 2014

One of those days

Sorry it's been so long. Perhaps I'll quit Facebook and start blogging again. hmm.

Those of you who are on Facebook know that a couple of weeks ago (maybe not that long) Bob was sitting in his chair at midnight, watching tv on the internet, when the ceiling fell down. Well, part of it; we'd already braced up half the room when it was noticeably sagging. He made a lot of noise and woke me up, and we pulled down the defunct paper tiles and taped up a tarp and garbage bags to hold it together until we could get to it.

We thought it through and decided that we needed to make the addition - the living room - open to the house to facilitate the ceiling rebuild. So we (by which I mean Bob) put in a window A/C unit that we already had, cut up a couple of 2x4s and OSB sheets to make the back wall of the game closet and close of the living room (former carport) from the future library (former garage). We also put in the door between those rooms, which was quite trying, as every possible angle showed level, but the door wouldn't shut (he finally got it). Then we took down the temporary wall we'd put up when we stopped work 2 months ago between the living room and the dining room (former living room), and built steps going up from one to the other. Cleaned the living room of the dirt and construction materials, and moved Bob's chair and computer down there.

We got one full and two partial sheets of drywall/sheetrock up yesterday, and leads to today.

The children's toilet stopped up and Bob discovered that we only had a cheap, ineffectual plunger. So I was to go to Walmart for a good plunger, rabbit food, and a few other items while Bob pulled down more ceiling tiles and the boys pulled out staples. Except the van door was left open all night and the battery was dead. So Bob pulled his pickup around for a jump start, and after a minute of charging, his truck went dead. Out of gas! We had a gallon or two in a can (for the lawnmower), and that was enough to get things started again.

I made it to town and got the necessaries, but on my way to checkout I stepped on a frog! Ewwww.
Came home and Bob started plunging. Daniel was very interested in proceedings, until Bob got frustrated with him and shouted "get out!" Daniel replied, "Oh, MY!" and took off running. The plunger didn't do it anyway, so we had to use a snake, which finally did the trick.

We did get the rest of the ceiling put up, finding two dead mice in the process, and discovering that the room isn't square (no surprise there).  Got the ceiling fan back up (only dropped it twice), and even put in a new light and power outlet (only electrocuted Bob 3 times).  4 red wasps killed in the house; one fall off the steps onto the concrete; 28 instances of an outside door left open (at 90* and 200% humidity).

So not a bad day in all, just lots of little bits that added up to interesting.


Anonymous said...

"Oh MY!" is my reaction to the whole enchilada!
Wish I were there to help, really. Know you'll be glad when it's over. mums

Wil said...

Oh, crazy stuff.

Maybe it's Arkansas -- your van/truck part of the story sounds like things that happened to me all the time when I lived there. :-)