Saturday, 9 November 2013


A blog that I follow is hosting a giveaway of Nathan Clark George's new CD. You can listen to lots of his music on his website,

We first heard and met NCG at Family Camp in New Mexico, WAAAAY back when Cedwryck was the baby (that'd be 8 1/2 years ago). He sang a song about brushing off his children and getting grumpy, instead of being patient and available, and it made me cry. So I bought both the albums he had available at the time.

Then he sang another song that made me laugh, but I don't think it's on an album. It went something like this:

A chicken hawk and a vulture were sitting on a fence near a chicken farm, and the chicken hawk was worried that they would never find anything to eat, but the vulture said that the Lord would provide. The hawk saw a rabbit, but didn't catch it in time; the vulture just said, "the Lord will provide." Finally the hawk could stand it no more, and he attacked the chickens. The farmer came out and shot the chicken hawk! The vulture happily flew over, saying to himself, "I knew the Lord would provide."

So go take a look, and put in for the drawing if you want, but if you win I get to borrow your CD for a few days.

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Anonymous said...

If I win an album, it will be your Christmas present. :) mums