Sunday, 6 October 2013

for fun

tabs currently open on my browser:

earlier today I read about the content of 2 random chicken nuggets, some recipes, some games, my brother's blog, and various other news and editorial articles.

sorry they aren't links, if you're interested; highlight the addy, right click, and select "open in new tab."


Wil said...

Perhaps I shouldn't assume from the sites you listed, but I'd hope you're not limiting your reading to only sites that have strictly one-sided agendas.

(To be fair, all news organizations have a strictly one-sided agenda: to make money. But you know I meant political agendas. :-)

MamaOlive said...

I suppose most news/commentary sites are one-sided, politically (or at least socially), but I do try to look at a variety of sides. I try to not take anything I read online too seriously; for "real" news I check the paper, which carries commentary from several reputable sources with divergent agendas/opinions.
Bob read an article yesterday that indicated his disability may not be paid next month, and tells me it was his retirement that is still promised (I had thought it was the other way around), so he's starting to get worried, I think. Personally I'm tired of the politics already and am trying to move on to other topics (like making pickles again!). :)

Wil said...

Pickles sound good! :-)