Sunday, 10 February 2013

bad blogger

Not Blogspot; ME!

We have had a run or two with cough and cold, but other than last Monday, no fevers. I've treated with EmergenC and lots of fruits, and we are basically still healthy and avoiding the flu.

We haven't even tried to diet this week. I made chocolate caramels yesterday, which were good but burnt. But we have invented a new exercise, dubbed "the Daniel" because it's what he does all the time. We lie on the floor with arms and legs straight (arms above the head), and simultaneously lift all 4 limbs up and point them at the ceiling, then gently lower back to the floor. Do this 10 times and you'll feel a twinge in the lower abdomen.

Daniel isn't content to lie on the floor, however, and tries with increasing determination and skill to pull himself up on various items (such as the sofa, my body, folding chairs, his toys...).

We went shopping Thursday, and ran into Michelle Duggar (and 3 of her girls) in Sam's. It took us a minute to recognize them, but the girls insisted on saying hi, so I and Taryn and Naysha caught up with the Duggars and I introduced myself. She gave me a card with a family photo and I saw the violins in the photo and asked about music lessons, so we talked about that for a while and she gave me the phone number of two people they know who give lessons. They were really nice and personable, and I tried to not gush because really, I'm not a "fan" - I don't know if I've ever watched a whole episode of the show - but I've heard good things about the family and my experience this week confirmed that.

I made a dress for Naysha. I might have mentioned that I started it 2 weeks ago. It got tabled, but I pulled it back out Friday and finished it. It's not professional, but the pattern of the fabric is forgiving. One stop on Thursday was at Hobby Lobby, where Simplicity patterns were on sale for 99cents. The girls and I picked out a few (and left one of those), and material for one item each. Taryn has almost finished her skirt. I'm proud of her for doing it herself.

We finally got some rain!  Like twice this month!!! We don't have a rain gauge, but Jesse who lives just over the hill reported 3 1/2 inches the first rain. It is a welcome relief. We look at pictures from 2 years ago and are amazed at how green things were.

Surely there's more, but NCIS is getting interesting.


Anonymous said...

I'm very proud of Taryn, and you too!
Sewing is like any other skill, it takes practice (and more practice for some) to make an acceptable showing. The professionals also have some innate talent thrown in that makes their work outstanding.
It took me a while to figure out who the Duggars are, but I didn't have to Google it. lol

Wil said...

I laughed a bit at the thought of you "gushing" like a fan. :-)

I wonder if famous people / TV personalities appreciate meeting people who don't even know who they are?

(I was thinking of the time I met a TV News lady in Arkansas and didn't realize it. I talked with her five minutes or so, and later someone gushed at *me* thinking I knew the person...)

MamaOlive said...

You'd probably be irritated at me for letting Taryn's work stand instead of making her rip it out and try again. :-/ She wore it to church today, flaws and all.

I laughed a little bit at the thought of me casually walking up to ANybody, much less a famous person, and just introducing myself and making small talk.

I'm sure famous people enjoy meeting people who don't know of them, if they are non-egotistical enough to believe it.