Sunday, 5 February 2012

Taryn's new camera

Well, Taryn turned 13 in mid January. She's a good girl, and is growing out of her pre-teen funk, and she really wanted a camera. I think I talked about our options back in December.

So anyway, I did what research I could, and we finally made a decision. We wanted the Nikon Coolpix 8200. Then we had to decide from where to buy it. B & H, an online store, had the best price. A local store wasn't far off, and we could have it right away. Bob has ordered from B & H several times before, and wanted to do so again. Then we had to decide to order it "now" (before Christmas) or wait for the price to drop after Christmas and the new year. We decided to wait.

The price was the same after Christmas, so we waited for New Year, when Nikon usually releases its new equipment. Well, then the price went UP. So I decided to go ahead and get one, but the delivery date would coincide with our trip to Oklahoma for Cedwryck's birthday. So we waited a little more. Then when I remembered to order, they were out of stock! So we waited some more. Then, I finally got it ordered. What a relief!

The day it was scheduled to arrive (just over a week before her party), I waited anxiously for the UPS truck all day. I didn't want Taryn to beat me to the door and thus see the name of the sender, which I assumed she'd recognize. Listen, look, wait. Well, we had to go out for a few minutes about 6pm, and came home expecting to see the box by the door, but it wasn't there. So we waited until 9:30, when I checked the online tracking status, and it said the package was delivered at 5pm! So we got out the flashlights and looked all over the porch, the carport, even the storage building entryway, and then started to branch out. Bob finally found the camera, out of its box, and chewed on, under the clothesline. Oh, he was upset!

The box was destroyed, the user's manual, strap, battery, etc. were all scattered about the yard, and the camera was beyond repair.

So I began looking at my options, and we finally settled with calling both UPS and B&H. UPS sent their man out the next day to pick it up for return and "to be inspected." He told me he knocked on the door and got no answer. Well, I know the delivery guys are really rushed to cover a lot of ground, and he can't stay very long waiting. But I also know how anxious I was to be the one to the door, and I doubt that there was an actual knock. Part of the problem is that he parks his truck at the end of the driveway and walks up, thus adding to his rush AND making it harder for me to hear the motor.

Anyway, they sent it back, and though delivery took 2 days, the return took 4 or 5. And then B&H had to go through their return system, and then it was another 4 days to send it back. So, she didn't get it at her party, but she did eventually get it.

She is being very stingy with her pictures, so I can't show any sample shots, but it seems to be working well for her.


Wil said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your troubles. :-(

In my experience, B&H has always been very good about their return policies (I returned a $400 lens, no questions asked, for a full refund.)

But in this case, it looks like the fault of the delivery guy. (Except I'll assume he's the not who chewed the box open.)

The last few years, it seems they're getting more and more casual with just leaving packages outside for anyone to see.

I've gotten very strict about not leaving the house when we have packages scheduled to arrive -- and I check the tracking status more often than babies wet their diapers. (I even check the front porch for packages every time I come out of the bathroom.)

Several times in the past year, I've rushed to answer the doorbell, and the guy's already in his truck driving away when I open the door. They ought to at least do a slow count to 10 or something before leaving hundreds of dollars of merchandise on the stoop.

MamaOlive said...

Yes, B&H did fine on their part. As far as that goes, UPS did all right, too, with making the return. I don't know who ended up footing the bill.
If anyone has to be blamed, I vote for the UPS policy of rush-rush. On the second delivery trip, the man was on his truck for at least 11 hours that day.
Of course, if not for the dog, it would have been okay, but I can't blame a puppy for chewing on stuff - that's what they do.
In times past, we've had packages left inside the screen door, which would have been fine in this case.

Oh well, it's all settled now.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! for a happy ending. Things like this are always such a hassle - phone calls or emails back and forth - consuming our thoughts and days!
Sign her up for a Flickr account so she can share. :)