Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Chicken poo: it's what's for dinner

Doesn't sound quite as nice as the advertising phrase "Beef: it's what's for dinner," does it?

We got a newsletter this week from the U of Arkansas agriculture extension service, and among tips for seeding pasture and keeping worms at bay was a brief notice. (I'd love to quote it directly, but have mislaid the paper.) It said that to offset the scarcity of hay this winter, farmers can feed their cows chicken litter!! Now I know that cows process their food several times, and beef is not the same as grass, but still... SOMEthing of the original has to remain!

ick. The more I know about agriculture, the less I want to eat anything from a conventional grocery store.

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Wil said...

Very interesting. But if you think about, poo is used to grow plants (the plants "eat" the poo and turn it into food).

We eat poo all the time. :-)