Saturday, 25 June 2011

checking in

I've written a dozen posts in my head over the last week+, just none have made it to the computer. My computer time is limited to first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Night would be the better time to write, as the children are in bed and I have as much time as I want, but by then I'm too tired to think of anything to say.

So, basically, "hi."


Last Friday we had some people out to build a pad for Bob's building. Yesterday the trusses were delivered. Tuesday they're supposed to pour the concrete and Thursday they build the building. Yeah, they said they put up the whole thing (it's 30' by 40') in one day. This will be storage for now, so we can have our household goods delivered. And once we sort through that it will be half garage, half photo studio.

I've finally figured out what all the chickens are. We have 3 Blue Andalusians, 2 female; 4 Ancona, 1 female; 6 or 7 Black Leghorns, 1 girl(bummer!); 4 Red Leghorns, all girls (I think); 3 Red Pyle Cubalaya, all girls (I'm doubtful about one of them). We made these determinations after 2 girls were killed on night. We still don't know how that happened; one morning I went out and there was a body in the cage and one right outside the cage, violently torn up but not eaten. However, two days later we were looking, and one of the Cubalayas was gone. She stood out from the crowd because she was the only one with true "Red Pyle" coloring, and because she was crippled (we ran over her feet once while moving the cage), so I didn't include her in the numbers above. :-( When we realized she was gone, Bob reinforced the wires a bit.

Tiger is training Sergeant to be a good cat. He sneaks through the bushes and ounces with the best. :-D However, he can't climb trees very well. Those two are great friends, and I'm glad to see it. They eat each other's food, drink each other's water, and play together all day long. (Spell checker tells me "other's" isn't correct. hmm? it belongs to "other," right?) When the man came to deliver the trusses, Bob went down the driveway to meet him, and Sergeant went into his pen and looked at the man through the chain link. :-D We took the day off Tuesday and went to Pea Ridge and Prairie Grove battlefields. Sergeant went with us and walked the mile track on a leash. He does very well, and in fact the leash helps him to not get under foot so much. But by about halfway, he was getting tired, and every time we'd stop he'd lie down. He also had to be cajoled into walking through the sunlight.

Well everyone is up now so I guess I'll sign off.


Wil said...

"Other's" always triggers my spell check. Either the spell check is wrong, or there's another way to write that of which I'm unaware.

My blogging time is limited as well; I can't imagine trying to do it with multiple children.

It's all I can do to post a couple of pictures to Flickr each day...

I'm hoping to have her trained on computers and a cameras within a couple of years, so she can do this stuff for me. :-)

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading as always. mums