Monday, 15 November 2010


LOL, Elijah is watching VeggieTales with Bob, and he's really into it.


Where did I leave off? We DID buy a van at the auction, though it isn't as nice as we thought at first (we only got a 2 minute inspection).

The day after we got back home we got a call from the shipping people that our "Unaccompanied baggage" was ready to be delivered. The next day. To Mom and Dad's house. So we got up at 5 am and drove down there to meet the delivery van at 10. We stayed to visit a while and left there about 1pm to drive back home. We did have to open the 6 large shipping boxes and put everything loose into the van... This shipment was the bare necessities intended to get us through until our furniture arrives: winter clothes, towels, dishes and spices, etc.

That afternoon, before we even got home, we got a call from Mom that Bob's VA benefits package had arrived in the mail. He has dr appointments on 5 different days, back in Oklahoma, and about 40 pages of questions to fill out. We asked Mom to forward it to us.

We unloaded all our stuff into the living room, along with the pile of things we'd bought at Lowe's the day before (a new toilet, sandpaper, gloves, a rosemary bush, you know - the basic home improvement stuff), and the goodies we'd brought home the day before that from our storage building at Mom and Dad's (Christmas ornaments, StepSon's stuffed animal collection, the capice lamp...). And then we went out to eat.

The following day - Friday - we got busy putting stuff away, believing that "people" were coming over Saturday to clean up more of Grandma's stuff.

Saturday morning we called MIL to find that she wasn't coming, and somewhere we learned that next-door-uncle wasn't coming either, so we puttered around a while and then went to town to check prices at Sam's club (warehouse store). Sam's is interesting, but we didn't buy a membership right away.

Sunday (today) we went to church down the road (Riah wanted to go there). They were very glad to see us there (Bob knew one lady who used to work at Grandma's favorite restaurant) and the preaching was fair. The music part is lacking, as they sing one congregational song and then everybody sits there while 1/2 the room takes turns singing "specials." We had lunch at Subway, and then met MIL and FIL at the house where they took home a truck load of their stuff. (Yay!) We puttered a bit more, and then went back to town to check a local grocery and get things for a few meals.

Sorry I've not been writing much. We're still working out a bedtime routine for Elijah, and I never get much time online in the day.

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Ganeida said...

When you can. Know your busy settling in & keeping up with your kiddiwinks.