Monday, 22 February 2010


Blogging is on my to-do list, honest.

Right now I have a baby asleep on my right hand...

I filed my tax return without Elijah, because 3 months after taking his info up to the records person we got his passport and US birth certificate, and permission to file for the SSN needed to claim him on our taxes. We can do an amendment later if we want. As is, we paid in less this year than last, and get more back.

My bank has signed up for MaserCard's new security thing, and now I can't buy anything online. I spent over an hour shopping at online Tesco and then couldn't check out. I called the bank and they are supposed to be working on it.

Our bed frame broke while back, and we've had the box springs on the floor. But I've been waking up every day with a sore back, so we decided to get a new frame. Sunday after church we went to the on base furniture store, decided to check out the actual furniture. Found one I liked pretty well - it'd only be $9000 for the bedroom suite... Anyway, we thought we'd just get the metal frame for now ($60 sounds a lot better now, doesn't it?), but they were out of stock.

Elijah is teething. He didn't sleep well last night, so I'm kinda sleepy myself today.

Bob has just 2 more weeks of his math class. If the teacher grades on a curve he should be okay. :-)

It snowed all day today, but it's too warm for it to stick, though at one point I looked out the window and actuallt thought, "It's fasting snower than it can melt."

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