Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Help for Growing Families

Mother Hen started this linky thing and I decided to join in. I don't know how to copy the banner so, anyway.

My advice for the week is to watch your attitude. (Profound, I know!)
Seriously, when I foster (or is that fester) a bad attitude then my peace gets all upset and I'm not a good mother (or wife).

I'd like to expound a bit, but circumstances remind me of another profound piece of advice:
Seriously. Reading (or writing) child-training advice while the children are awake is right up there with not being able to decide for whom to vote because "this election is so important."


Anonymous said...

Hi MamaOlive, next time (you're gonna participate next week, right?) just email me and I'll walk ya through how to get the banner. :D
Thanks for the great advice, computer time can really crowd out the real life, important stuff.

Ganeida said...

Still reading but this is NaNo month & we have had a major spiritual attack that has left me hugely drained. Can't think why anyone ever bothers about us but they do & we just aren't good at repeling boarders.

motherofmany said...

I couldn't figure out the banner, either!

Crystal said...

So true. I have to really watch myself in the area of the computer. It's addictive. Thank you for the reminder to be more diligent in this area.

Unknown said...
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